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Coatrack "Pe". Oak and leather complemented with elements of chrome, artfully finished - that is what distinguishes “Pe” from do-it-yourself variations of its kind, and gives this coatrack its independent and elegant look-and-feel without losing a certain ease. It is simply hung from the ceiling by two infinitely adjustable belts and therefore fits in any room. Its characteristic circuit element on the outer third, defines a place for clothes, scarfs or umbrellas in a graphical way. The puristic piece of furniture is handcrafted by Florian Saul.

  • rack: oak, massiv
  • survace: oiled, natural light
  • belt: leather
  • colour: colourless, waxed
  • buckle: steel
  • surface: chrome
  • width: 110 cm
  • belt length ajustable: 110-180cm
  • design: Florian Saul
  • fotos: Florian Saul
  • year: 2014

dua presented "pe" the first time at the International Furniture Show, IMM 2015.

The designer and skilled carpenter employs traditional techniques of massive wood deformation and connecting in his work and translates these into, as he calls it: „creanatural” furniture objects.


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