italy, seismographic vases

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italy, seismographic vases

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Form follows movement. The objects pursue the concept of creating a form by deducing seismic waves and the correlative recordings of a seismograph. Therefore selected parts of the two-dimensional curve shape determine the asymmetrical vase design. The fascination is based on the contrary perspective between the rough force of nature and the resultant fragile object. Each piece of the delicate porcelain vase collection is manually produced in Bavaria - the stronghold of porcelain production in Germany. GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2016 WINNER Earthquake: Italy Z, Magnitude 6.0, Saturday, 19th Mai 2012 (UTC).

  • material: porcelain
  • place of production: Bavaria, Germany
  • type: italy
  • size: hight 20 cm, width 20,5 cm
  • surface: bisquit
  • design: Jonathan Radetz
  • foto: Tanja Evers, Alexander Esslinger, monoqi
  • production: dua
  • year: 2015

GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2016 WINNER Jury statement: "The characteristic form of this wonderful vase collection was inspired by aesthetic seismographic drawings recorded during an earthquake. Selected sections of the two-dimensional curve provide the asymmetrical design for the vases. This unexpected and contrarian approach – delicate vase objects made of porcelain versus the raw forces of nature – is storytelling at its best, which makes this fascinating collection even more interesting. The vases, which bear the names New Zealand and Italy, are handmade in Germany."


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